This year my residency at Dance at Socrates occurred during one of the hottest weeks of the year. High humidity and high temperatures did not deter us from our mission to create new work. In fact, it made us work harder and faster. We were too hot to judge and the inspiration flowed.


a white room

a white room danced by Izabela Szylińska, Ahmaud Culver, Tiffany Mangulabnan and Kara Chan.

Discovering fresh material with 4 skilled dancers who are invested in the artistic process made it possible for me to mine old methods and develop new ideas. The resulting work-in-progress, a white room, connects with the paintings of Debra Ramsay, who “investigates changes of color and repetitive serial systems” — in particular her Yello Flip series. The dance suggests the nature of a blank canvas upon which evolving lines are drawn and structured in bold colors. Working from the dancers’ own movement affinities and personalities, we created a series of stories in dance that will have its premiere in Odetta Gallery alongside Ramsay’s seasons of color.