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Gleich Dances’ first London season!

Gleich Dances, Julia K Gleich

London, UK—Gleich Dances will premiere a new immerse ballet titled Speak Easy Secrets, June 21-23 at 8pm at The Broadway, Barking, IG11 7LS (five minutes from Barking Station), all tickets £10. This unique evening, produced by Norte Maar and The Broadway, catapults audiences back to the American prohibition era of the Roaring Twenties. Continue reading…

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Podcast: an interview with Julia K Gleich

Gleich Dances, Julia K Gleich, Brodmann Areas

Citywide has frequently appreciated the way the North Brooklyn and Bushwick art scenes are coming together. We’ve painted a picture of individual artists scrapping together to instill bygone industrial regions with beauty and poetry. We’ve admired these communities for providing evidence of the heart and purpose emitting from a generation of artists that many have ascribed a bleak future to.

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Movement and brain mapping: an interview with Julia K Gleich

Gleich Dances, Julia K Gleich, Brodmann AreasIn this interview with Philip Sandstrom, director and choreographer Julia K. Gleich explores the interaction of brain areas and movement. This is a study as much as it is a dance; it explores the what ifs of how the different areas of the brain affect movement and how we perceive movement as an audience. By challenging memory and forcing interaction and using dance as a tool to illuminate the working of the brain, Gleich stretches the boundaries of neurological studies. (originally published in New York Theatre Wire, April 7, 2012) Continue reading…